How to Monetize your Blog without AdSense

How to Monetize your Blog without AdSense

Top methods to monetize without AdSense. Some of them are so powerful you end up making much more than AdSense would earn you in a lifetime.

Google AdSense is one of the best contextual & highest paying ad network in the world, it is a solid fact. Ads are of top-quality and super relevant to the keywords, income is safe and reliable, setup is easy to follow. There are lots of reasons why AdSense it the most recommended and best network Ad around.
When I first started blogging I had no idea about monetization; I simply started as way to connect with more people and possible share my knowledge. Only after couple of weeks I started hearing about making money blogging when I connected with fellow bloggers.
At that time the only known monetization method was AdSense; almost every blogger used AdSense as their only source of Income.
Lots of young and aspiring bloggers instantly stop blogging soon as they get banned from AdSense. I know many personal friends who quit blogging after failing to get AdSense approval.
If you are facing trouble getting your AdSense account approved you should give this method a shot
How to get your Google AdSense approved
But, should that stop you from making money without AdSense?? There are plenty of people out there still not able to get AdSense approved and even more who got banned from AdSense.

AdSense even comes with a lot of limitations and drawbacks.

For Instance:
  1. The AdSense rules and regulations are super strict, one stupid mistake and it is all over.
  2. If majority of your traffic is from Countries like India, Pakistan and other Asian countries, then you will barely make 10$ from AdSense.
  3. You cannot post anything you want when you are using Google AdSense; if you post some illegal stuff or cracks Google will instantly ban you.
It is simply a misconception that you cannot make money without AdSense. And it is certainly not the end of your blogging career and making money through blogging.  Surely there are many other ways to earn blogging other AdSense alone.

How to make money without AdSense on your Blog

So here are the top methods to monetize website without AdSense. Some of them are so powerful you can end up making so much more than AdSense would earn you in a lifetime.
Another fact to consider is that you can use these methods together with AdSense and make lot more income.

AdSense is not the only Ad network, Try its Alternatives

AdSense may be the best contextual ad network out there, but it is certainly not the only one.
There are plenty of AdSense alternatives to choose from and make good money from those networks. Most of them do not have strict and rigid rules like AdSense; you are given little more freedom.
These AdSense Alternatives work best for newbie bloggers because of easier approval process compared to AdSense. Most of them will help you earn almost as much as the AdSense and some of them can even make more money than AdSense.
Read more about Top AdSense alternatives and pick your choice, I’ve listed only the best and most profitable ones.
I would suggest you to do some testing before blindly using a particular Ad network; just because something works for a certain blogger do not guarantee it will work same for you as well.

Affiliate Marketing can make much more than AdSense.

Affiliate marketing is all about promoting certain products and services in your blog and then earning a commission for each sale made. There are lots of affiliate marketing networks out there for you to join and it is undoubtedly the best way to make money without AdSense.
The best part is you are not limited to strict rules and regulations like Google AdSense and you certainly don’t need a huge mailing list or million visitors to be successful with affiliate marketing.
Most of the top bloggers use affiliate marketing as their primary source of income and you too can certainly earn big if you choose to do the same.
Success in affiliate marketing entirely depends on the Targeted Traffic, Trust and niche.
Targeted traffic will determine the number of sales you make; this is one of the biggest myths about affiliate marketing. If you think More traffic = More money; then you are completely wrong.
The real fact is more Targeted traffic = More money. If your traffic only consists of kids or people with zero purchasing power, then your entire affiliate marketing plan is going to go down in the drain.
And Trust cannot be built in a single day, it will take time before people start to take you more seriously and trust your recommendations and advises.
So in short; More Trust = More Sales and More Sales = More Money.
The best idea is to stick to one particular niche for succeeding in affiliate marketing. Your blog’s niche will play the vital role in determining the commission rate; certain niche blogs like Fitness and Fashion earn a handful of commission for each sale.
Just don’t expect to be millionaire in 1-night, mastering affiliate marketing takes time, patience and hard work but it is certainly well worth the effort and you can make lots of money from it alone without AdSense.

Sponsored Reviews and Posts can be an extra bonus

This is rather easy way to monetize your blog as long as you have some decent traffic. Companies and service providers will contact you for writing a sponsored review or post about their products and services; and you will be paid for the post.
This will only work if you have a proper Contact Form in your blog or any other way for the companies to contact you. So it is important that you have a good contact form installed in your blog.
The Sponsored posting will be entirely depending on the type of product/service and niche of your blog. Certain companies may send you their free product in exchange for a sponsored review or others may simply pay you to write about their services.
Most times you will be in charge of writing the sponsored post yourself; rarely the company may want to publish their own post in your blog.
You need to make sure the post is both engaging and useful for your readers; it should look natural and entertaining then only similar advertisers will contact you again for more such reviews in the future.
Sponsored reviews and posts are an easy way to add extra income from blogging and monetize website without AdSense; but don’t blindly accept each and every sponsored post requests. There are certain points you should know before you start writing them or you will be penalized by Google.
You can read more about Beginner’s Guide to Sponsored Reviews and Sponsored Posts.

Advertising directly and selling Premium banners is a great way to Monetize without AdSense.

If your blog have a good traffic, then direct advertisement is the way to monetize your blog.  You’ll be earning will be much more than all other methods since you cut the third party out & you can directly negotiate with Advertisers.
But the only setback is without a good enough traffic nobody is going to advertise on your blog. If your blog is really new with little traffic then it is going to take some time before advertisers are attracted.
The best way is to target your blog on a certain niche and then look for Advertisers related to it. You can also visit some popular blogs related to your niche and find details of certain advertisers; you can contact them and maybe work out a deal.
Another important thing you should note is to create the Advertise page. It should contain all the required information about your blog; so the Advertisers can get a clear idea about your standards.
It should contain at least the minimum site metrics such as Traffic, Rank, Audience details… and so forth. 
Just keep in mind to stay away from Adult, Pharma, Gambling & Casino; it could damage the credibility and trust of your blog.

Selling your own Services and Products will empower you to make money without AdSense.

To make money without AdSense and sell your own products and services you don’t need a huge blog instead a good one.
Higher the influence you have, greater the chance of success in this method as trust plays the vital role, if your readers value your advices and trust your inputs then you can sell SEO services or an e-book.
Top bloggers like Neil Patel and Darren Rowse makes a huge income from selling SEO related courses and services.
If you are not that influential you can sell an e-book or maybe offer services like Article writing, Web Designing, SEO Consulting or even join some freelancing websites like Upwork or Freelancer.
During the early stages I made around 7500 $ from Freelancer by selling these services and had the opportunity to work with some big-shots of the industry and learn lots from them.
As You and your blog gets more influential, established and authoritative, you will be able to start selling Premium Memberships, Courses and Training Services to make a huge chunk of money without depending on AdSense or other ad networks.

Your Turn

Is AdSense the only way to monetize? Only AdSense really work? I don’t think so, if you cannot get AdSense approval or you got banned because of some silly mistakes then don’t give up; it is not over. Try something else; there are plenty of options out there for you to try.
If so many people are making money without AdSense then, Why not you?  Ask this question before you plan to give up your Blogging dream.
I have listed some of the best ways to monetize your blog without AdSense, all of them may not work for you but something definitely will. You need to find out which works best for you only by experimenting and doing A/B testing.
Don’t forget to share this article and I would love to know about the experience you had monetizing your blog in the comments section below.
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